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Click to See All Magnum Prices. The Fatboy Jr is a wide-bodied safe that specializes in large gun capacity at an affordable price. Its wide stance really sets it apart from the rest of the competition and provides excellent security, storage capacity and fire protection at an incredibly affordable price.

The Fatboy Jr comes in only one size, huge, and can hold up to 48 long-guns. The actual gun capacity does vary depending on the size of your guns and scopes. This is generally my minimum recommendation when looking for a fire resistant safe. The 60 minutes rating is accomplished by using three layers of fireboard on the ceiling, door and doorjambs along with two layers in the safe walls. The Fatboy Jr also includes a heat expanding seal by Palusol that will expand nearly 7 times it size when exposed high temperatures.

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This seal protects your items from smoke and heat damage. The Fatboy Jr not only boasts a large capacity and a descent fire rating, it also provide a level 18 security rating that is comparable Colonial series. The door of the Fatboy Jr includes 11 bolts that cover all four sides of the door and an internal cam-drive bolt locking mechanism with a slip clutch handle. Liberty gives you a choice between a mechanical lock or for an additional cost, a low profile electronic lock.

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  6. Simplicity is one of the features of the Fatboy Jr so it is a little more limited on style and customization. The Fatboy comes in a textured durable black finish and comes with satin chrome hardware and a 3-point Suretight handle with an upholstered gray fabric interior. All Liberty long-gun safes come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects, fire damage and break-in attempts.

    Liberty also includes a 5-year warranty that protects the lock and finish. The Fatboy is a wide-bodied safe from Liberty that offers the largest long-gun capacity of any other Liberty safe on the market. This safe is seriously huge. The Fatboy comes in only one size, a whopping 64 long-gun capacity that sizes out at This is a great option if fire protection is detrimental in your decision.

    The Fatboy is protected by an 11 gauge steel body and incorporates several protection features including the DX Monster Mech over-center cam mechanism that aids in security against side punching. This safe comes in a gray marble gloss or a textured black finish with an upholstered smooth velour finish interior. Liberty also provides you with the choice to upgrade from the standard mechanical lock to a quick access electronic keypad lock. The Fatboy series comes with a lifetime warranty that protects you against manufacturers defects, fire damage and break-in attempts.

    Liberty will replace or repair your safe at no cost. Liberty also provides you with a 5-year warranty that protects your safes lock and finish. Not only does Liberty make full-size gun safes, they also make small more compact home safes. There are virtually unlimited uses for a home safe including expensive jewelry, collectables, pistols, cash, gold and silver and the list goes on. The Liberty Home safe comes in two different sizes: The Liberty Home Safe 8, which has 2 adjustable shelves and is This keeps your valuables safe from heat and smoke damage.

    The Home safe is made from solid gauge high quality steel to keep intruders from getting to your precious valuables. This unit comes with an upgraded quick access low profile electronic lock instead of mechanical combination and key type lock. Although this compact home safe does come with some great security features, it is best to keep your safe well hidden and out of site from any burglar. The Home Safe comes in a textured black with a gray fabric interior.

    This unit is made to be hidden away out of site in a closet or cabinet so there is no color or finish options. However, there are an array of accessories to add to your safe like dehumidifiers, outlet kits, pistol shelves, light kits and organizers. The home safe models come with a lifetime repair or replace warranty that covers you from break-in attempts, fire damage and manufacturers defects. This model also comes with a 5-year warranty on the lock and finish. If you are not looking for a long-gun safe but would still like premium high security safe, than the Premium LX should fit your liking.

    This unit has a wide array of features that are designed to keep your valuables safe from fire and burglary. There are three different size options in Premium LX model: This is accomplished by using 4 layers of fireboard in the ceiling as well as 3 layers of fireboard in the walls, doorjambs and door. Included in all fire-protected safes is the Palusol heat activated seal that will expand up to 7 times its size when exposed to high amounts of heat.

    This will safe your valuables from smoke and heat damage. This was done through using a tough gauge high quality steel body to maintain rigidness and an array of security features in the actual door. These security features include 1.


    This unit also comes with a UL listed low-profile digital keypad lock that is EMP resistant and is designed for quick access. This unit comes in a textured black finish with gray interior. The Premium Home safe does not come with any exterior cosmetic options because it is meant to be hidden away out of site to increase the security of your valuables. When going with the larger two sizes, there are plenty of door panel mounting options and shelving accessories that help organize all of your valuables.

    The smaller model, the Premium 05 still has some great accessory options, just not door panel mount. They also supply a 5-year warranty that will cover your lock and safe finish.

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    Liberty offers a full line of top-notch quick access handgun vaults that come in a good variety of shapes and size. The HD and HD are the smallest of the bunch with a capacity just large enough to hold a handgun or something similar in size. The HD is the middle of the road as far as capacity goes and is large enough to hold a handgun and a few clips, maybe a passport and wallet. The HD is the largest of the bunch and can protect multiple handguns.

    These handgun vaults are specifically designed to be compact and easy to access. This will surely give thieves a headache when trying to retrieve you valuables. Liberty also provides mounting holes so you can secure your vault to a surface making it near impossible to remove without out large prying device. Depending on the size you choose, the HD series can come packed with a wide variety of features delivered in even this small of a package.

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    The HD, HD and HD all come with a numeric 4 digit keypad entry for over different combination options as well as a key backup just in case you forget your code or the internal 9v battery dies. The interior of the safe is lined with foam to keep your items from getting damaged and is also illuminated to so you can see the contents of your safe even in the dark.

    The Liberty HD series is backed by a 2-year replacement warranty that protects you against any manufactures defects. The HDX has earned itself the title as the 1 most reliable biometric smart vaults in the world and comes in two different convenient sizing options: These are great for storing in your nightstand or under your bed for quick easy access to your firearm in the case of emergency.

    Within 1 second you smart biometric safe is accessible when using the AC power option and just over 1. It can also store up to 15 different fingerprints for other family members and friends that you would also like to be able to access the contents of your safe. The HDX series has a nifty auto-open door so when you place your finger on the pad it triggers the door as soon as your prints are read.

    Top Liberty Gun Safes Reviewed and Priced

    This provides an even quicker access. The interior of the HDX Smart Vault is fully illuminated for full visibility even in pitch black and is also lined completely in foam to ensure that your valuables are kept damage free. The HDX series is built from heavy-duty gauge steel that is designed to protect its shell from hard concentrated impact from hammers and blunt objects as well as built-in anti-pry tabs that assist the latch system in resisting pry attempts.

    The tamper resistant design of the HDX series has proven itself to be over 10x stronger than the leading competition and is certainly unmatched in quality. This small compact unit is sure to provide the maximum protection for you valuables even in the worst of conditions. The HDX series comes with an even better warranty than the HD models and comes with a 5-year replacement warranty on any manufacturers defects in the workmanship. Liberty is one of the most well known safe manufactures in the world and they did not make their way to the top by creating low-end mediocre products.

    Liberty has a passion for creating only the best, highest quality safes available on the market and their flawless design has awarded them with an extremely high customer satisfaction rate. I really urge you to choose wisely and buy the absolute best you can afford. Make sure you fully understand your specific need for fire protection, capacity, lock security, strength and aesthetics.

    A good place to start is the Colonial Series from Liberty. Top Liberty Gun Safe Reviews. See Lowest Price. Contents 1 Liberty Models 2 Liberty Series 2. Go to Winchester Safes. Go to Fort Knox Safes. Go to American Security. Apply now. Have a question? Don't see what you're looking for? Ask the Community. There was a problem completing your request.

    Top Liberty Gun Safe Reviews

    Please try your search again later. Product details Product Dimensions: See questions and answers. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Showing of 1 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later.

    Verified Purchase. Despite not being able to deliver directly to my house, this product is everything I expected. See the review. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Our retailer over sold what we ordered and was very accommodating in switching out the type of lock on this safe so that we got what it is we really wanted. We left ours on the pallet for extra stability and that extra 3. I plan to give the pallet a finished look by painting some nice trim boards and covering it with those to look nicer.

    Only complaint is the wood pallet smells like a stinky warehouse. I would recommend building your own base if you are planning on using a base. I would have built one myself but this was a gift and ran out of time to build one. Always wanted a safe that wouldn't break the bank but give me the most bang for my buck. Hands down liberty safes are the way to go. Love this safe. Has plenty of storage for both firearms and papers. Very happy with the purchase. The Fatboy Jr. Is big! Pick a safe and then buy a bigger one! I would definitely recommend! Purchased my Fatboy Jr.

    Sales staff was professional and courteous. Delivery folks were just as professional. Made sure setup was the way I wanted it. If you are anywhere near Columbia and need a safe see these folks! First safe that I have owned , and it has surpassed all my expectations! This thing is a beast! Received our new Fatboy Jr safe in perfect condition. Everything works great. Glad we installed the light kit and electronic lock.

    There is ample room in my Fatboy safe for storage for all my rifles, handguns and ammo. Storage shelving is easily adjustable. We get a good amount of visitors and Knowing the firearms are protected and stored safely away from children and others who shouldn't have access to firearms gives me a great deal of security. In addition, with the current state of the country and the financial situation, I feel more secure with my items not be stolen by an intruder.

    The Liberty Fatboy Jr. Install the outlet kit and a LED light strip on a motion sensor to add great lighting effect and powered dehumidifier bar. This safe has room to grow with the collection and gives me piece of mind while away from home. I absolutely love my safe. I researched gun safes for sometime before I purchased one and Liberty was, in my opinion the best safe for the money. The quality of products used and the workmanship are exceptional. I couldn't be happier and recommend Liberty without any hesitation.

    Thanks Liberty! I have had my Liberty Fatboy Jr. I have experienced only minor issues. The double sided sticky tape that holds the fire seal in place has come undone in a few spots - the delivery person told me it tends to happen when it gets cold and their safes are kept in the basement of a warehouse - I will continue to monitor that situation and see if it improves. I had to play with the door adjustors slightly to get the play out of the door when the bolts were engaged. That was a very simple fix which is explained in the booklet you get with the safe.

    The safe itself is very sturdy, well constructed and arrived with no damage. If you purchase this safe I would recommend bolting it to the floor, when the door is more than a foot or so you can feel the safe want to tip slightly - there is more weight than you think in the door. I took a lot of information away from the reviews I read while researching safes, so I hope this helps those looking to purchase a safe.

    Better than expected. Delivered on time. Instructions were easy to follow, set was a breeze. Had everything done and safe loaded with my valuables within 30 minutes. What a great safe. Looks great in my living room and I feel comfortable knowing that my valuables are protected. I got the Fatboy Jr. Charles near Bass Pro Shops Great customer service! Got a couple of friends to help me deliver it and it went smooth with just using a basic furniture dolly. The safe is made in the USA! I have been looking at safes for several years, as I needed to protect my firearms, knives, and important documents.